Keith Lane is a documentary director, filmmaker, and producer. 

After graduating from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine he set out to cover the complex socio-environmental issues he'd invested in as a student: war’s long aftermath; natural disaster; environmental devastation; and political unrest. His work has taken him to earthquake-ravaged Haiti, mine-infested fields of Cambodia and, eventually, a politically volatile Cairo, where he both taught at American University (Cairo) and photographed the city’s streets from the 2012 presidential elections to the new president’s ouster in 2013. In 2015 Keith worked on a multimedia investigation focusing on the lives of three Kurdish farmers living near the frontlines of the war with ISIS. His most recent animated short documentary, Earthling, has earned awards and recognition during the 2023-2024 film festival season. 

Keith has his B.A. in Environmental Studies, an M.S. in Environmental Education, and a graduate certificate from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.